San Diego


We went down to San Diego again yesterday. Wow! It was such an incredible day! Got so much done in a short period of time! The band is amazing!! Got the best in the world!

My amazing Producer Dave Murrant.

Derrick Espino (Co-Producer and Electric Guitarist) and Craig Zarkos (Drums and Mixing)

Nelson Rios (Bass). Nelson is one incredible man and it is such a blessing and honor to be working with him. Great talent but a greater heart.

Derrick and Michael Olsen (Electric Guitar). Both bringing their soul, funk, and Japanese flavor.

The sky was so beautiful as the sun was setting over the horizon! The moon almost looks like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland! 😉

And towards the end of the evening, this is when we start to get goofy…

The Dream Team!

If you guys want to see more pictures, be sure to check out FlickR.

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Till next time. Cheers!