Performing @ C28 Northridge


It’s been a CRAZY month! It’s May and we have a lot of amazing things happening!! The first five songs of the record are almost done and soon we’ll be dropping an EP so be on the lookout!!! Can’t wait!! Stay posted!! Some crazy things are about to pop off real soon!!

Saturday May 15, 2-6PM : I’ll be performing at the C28 store in Northridge with the band!! Be sure to check it out!! I partnered with an incredible company called ENDURE that has such an incredible mission! Their tshirts help feed starving kids around the world!! Jeehye and I designed a shirt for their fall line so that will be coming out REAL SOON too!! Can’t wait!!

Be sure to swing through on the 15th. Hear some great music, check out the awesome gear, and just have a great time!