photo update!!


The past month has been crazy! Been in and out of the studio as usual. But so many other things have been happening as well…

a couple weeks ago, I had 3 gigs back to back!! drove to manhattan beach to northridge to downtown LA!!

performing with the band in c28 northridge!

we have some of the biggest fans around.. wanda onandia, 1/2 of Endure Apparel…

ferdinand onandia, the other 1/2 of Endure Apparel…

and our dear friend mayara who comes out to all of our gigs!

and this is what we do when we’re not performing…

with rob who is the owner of c28 northridge.

do you see what’s in wanda’s hand? as most of you know, i recorded some songs out in nashville with an grammy nominated, stellar and dove award winning producer, antonio neal. we had the cd’s available in the store during the day of the event. but it gets better. if you missed out on the event but want to still get a copy of the music, you can go to c28 northridge and get a copy there!!

thank you so much to rob, nate, and the rest of our family at c28!!

and thank you to wanda and ferdinand onandia of endure apparel!! we couldn’t have done this without you!